Runway 15-33 Phases 1 and 2

Meeting Notes
Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport – Runway 15-33 Phases 1 and 2

Date: 10/2/2019
Time: 9:00 AM
Facilitator: Rod Senn

Progress – Past Week Activities
1. Martin Construction
• Phase 1
o No work since Saturday afternoon
o Embankment stockpile has been moved
• Phase 2
o Hauling embankment stockpile from Phase 1, completed.
o Some minor earthwork
• GA Taxilane (State funded project)
o Prepped and ready for placement of fabric and base courses.
2. Edling Electric
• Phase 1
o Completed A4 and A5 installations.
o Completed RWY 7-25 wiring.
o Completed wind cone wiring.
• Phase 2
o Completed temporary lighting.
o Completed removals.
3. Northern Improvement Co.
• Phase 1
o Paving RWY 7-25 completed last Friday.
Schedule – Next Week Activities
1. Martin Construction
• Phase 1
o Finish grading and rock picking as weather permits to facilitate seeding late next week.
• Phase 2
o Switch over as soon as possible on completion of Runway 7-25
o Pavement removal, mill machine on-site. Begin milling today, weather permitting.
• GA Taxilane
o Place base course later this week as weather permits
o Tentative schedule would be to place the asphalt mix by the end of next week
2. Electrical (Edling)
• Phases 1 and 2
o Not anticipated to be on site
3. Northern Improvement Co.
• Phase 1
o Waiting on temperatures to paint

DIK Concerns / Issues
1. Certification inspection on October 23, 2019.

Survey and Testing Needs
1. No additional comments at this time
Miscellaneous Items
1. Submittal Update
• Nothing noted at this time.
2. Pavement Markings – to be completed as soon as weather permits. Plan to be on site tomorrow to begin removals. Paint Friday if necessary
3. Grooving – expected to start on Monday. There will be an area of grinding. Rod will review all grades and get the information to Mike yet this morning.
4. New septic system – plan to begin next week Wednesday.
5. Brandon noted his concerns with the weather at this time and the weather throughout the season and if additional delays are encountered, it may be difficult to finish the project. A lengthy discussion took place regarding the remaining work. KLJ and the Airport indicated that Taxiway B would need to be complete and reopened at a minimum.
6. James questioned work from Edling during the next two weeks. Martin indicated that they would need the Runway 14-32 connection completed. Due to the depth, James had some questions and Martin indicated that they would remove some excavation and they have the line lowered. James would like additional options investigated.
7. Cold weather limitations, surface conditions were noted for paving, painting work items.

Next Meeting Information

Date: 10/9/2019 Time: 9:00 AM


DIK: Kelly and Levi
Martin Construction: Mike and Brandon
Edling Electric: James
3D Specialties, Inc.:
Cofell’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc.:
Dakota Fence:
Industrial Builders, Inc.:
Midwest Erosion Control:
Northern Geotextile, Inc.:
Northern Improvement Co.:
West River Striping, Inc.:
Cardinal / International, LLC:
Terracon Consultants:
Braun: Aaron, Jeremy
Dickinson Redi-Mix:
KLJ: Joel, Garlet and Rod